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LED - (Clip-On Frame)

New Product - New Ideas:
Operation - Simply clip-on these coloured frames, over the top of your current LED Panels
Operation - Product creates a unique colour + helps your business stand-out from your rivals
Operation - They are designed to be added on both sides, due to the unique back clips

A3L Clip-On Frames - Measurements:
1. (Overall) = Width 524mm x H400mm x D3mm at 0.5kgs - (35mm Borders)
2. (Internal Hole) = W412mm x H288mm
3. (Clips on Rear) = 2x Clips at W80mm x D20mm
4. (Clips on Rear) = Clips are staggered to hold 2x frames to be attached


Stocked Goods:
1. We currently have 39x A3 Landscape units in stock, in the colour of 'BLACK'
2. These are priced at = £20 per unit


Other Sizes and Colours:
1. (Sizes) - We can supply in A4P + A4L + A3P + A3L
2. (Colours) - We can also supply in 66x colour choices
3. Must point out - Each unique order are cut from a large acrylic panel
4. Must point out - A3's can gain 11x pieces per cut-out panel
5. Must point out - A4's can gain 18x pieces per cut-out panel
6. If you require a unique order - Tel: 01244 470903

Finer Details + 66x Possible Colours

UK Postage Costs:
1. Postage costs £20 are to the following areas only:
2. Mainland England + Mainland Wales
3. *Lowlands of Scotland
4. *Postcodes G + EH and south of

Outside these Areas?
1. Call us for your own unique costs - Tel: 01244 470903

Bacs / Bank Payment:
1. If you prefer to create a Bacs payment (Bank Transfer)
2. Call us for a chat - Tel: 01244 470903

Wanted Colour:
1. As mentioned 18x Frames are cut-out from a large acrylic panel
2. Once you have created your online purchase
3. We will call you to ask you what colour acrylic is wanted
4. Possible colours are listed in the supplied PDF on the description page