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Estate Agent Supplies - (Terms & Conditions)

Lasted Updated = 18th Nov 2021.

All prices are in £ pound sterling
All prices are subjected to the current UK Vat rate (20%)

Limited Company Name = Estate Assets Limited
Limited Company Number - 10828219
Trading Name = Estate Agent Supplies
VAT Number = GB280256705
EROI Number = GB280256705000

EROI - (Yours):
Clients - We can and will export outside of the UK
Clients - To purchase from us, we will require your EROI Number
Clients - Tell us what you want to order + supply your EROI Number
Clients - We will respond with a Bacs Invoice
Clients - If you don't have an EROI Number, then, apply for one ASAP
Clients - Application is normally free but, can take up to 48hrs

Governing Law:
This website is under the Governing Law of the UK

1. Secure online PAYMENTS -
Website payments are accepted, we accept the majority of card payments, plus PayPal payments. All payments are created "Fully PCI DSS Compliance' with Barclaycard Merchant Services
PCI Security Standards are Operational requirements set by the Payment Card Industry Security Standard Council to protect cardholder's data. The standards globally govern all merchants and organisations that store, process or transmit this data, and include specific requirements for software developers and manufactures of applications and devices used in the transaction process
Benefits of using PA-DSS software include:
1. Decreases Clients & Merchants online Business Risks
2. Ensures Online Payment Solutions meet the highest levels of security
3. Prevents storage of sensitive cardholder data
4. Reduces opportunities for compromise and misuse
5. Operates a complete 3D Secure Payment Gateway
6. Helps - 'Total Peace of Mind' of a multi secure payment transaction

2. Website - Card Payments -
When the client is ready to make a payment, the client is then, directed to the 'Secure Payment Section' - see 1.1 + 1.2 + 1.3
This allows the client to process the payment via a 'Fully Secure Payment Gateway' via a 3D Secure Payment Platform.
Once completed the website will automatically send a 'Completed Order / Summary Email' + 'Completed Transaction Form' - These emails are sent to the email entered on the actual 'Live Order

3. Website - PayPal -
When the client is ready to make a payment, the client is then, directed to the 'PayPal' transaction page
Once completed the website will automatically send a 'Completed Order / Summary Email' + 'Completed Transaction Form'

4. Invoice - Bacs Payments -
1. Should the client want to settle by BACS (Bank Transfer) then, please compile your order list then, either telephone - or - email.
2. All orders must also include your full invoice address details, including full delivery address, telephone numbers, contact names plus your EROI Number if delivery address is outside of the UK
3. Once we gain these crucial details
4. We will complete a unique invoice and forward this by email
5. Client then, creates a BACS (Bank Transfer)
6. Clients also, sends an email confirming the transfer
7. We will then, confirm that funds have arrived with us successfully
8. We will also, email you a 'Fully Paid Invoice'

UK accounts - BACS transfers between UK accounts are normally very rapid
However; they can also take 3x working days
Hence, our 'Fully Paid Invoice' will be dated on the actual date of received cleared funds, thus the 'Live' date of the actual order!

Non-UK accounts - Bacs transfers from non-UK accounts can take longer, so please take this into account when ordering, our advice is always to contact your own bank to arrange the actual transfer, whist talking to your bank, clearly tell them, the full amount of our invoice is to be payable, this is vital as some foreign banks charge for the transfer, this charge is answerable to you, not us. Hence, our 'Fully Paid Invoice' will be dated on the actual date of received cleared 'Full Invoice Amount'

It is understood that the placing of an order constitutes a warranty by the client that he or she is fully entitled to the copyright in any material made available on 'Purchased Products' - Also he or she has secured all necessary authority and permission in respect of the user thereof, the client assumes absolute liability for any resulting action brought by a third party claimant

Designs, Drawings and artwork produced by Estate Agent Supplies remain their property and cannot be traced, copied or exhibited to any third party without written consent with Estate Agent Supplies
Estate Agent Supplies will send proof of digital artwork designed as a PDF or alternative specified digital format if requested - (Hard copy proofs are available at an additional cost).

7. QUOTATIONS - Artwork Design
All quotations supplied by Estate Agent Supplies relating to artwork design, are valid for 30 days from the issue date, subjected to the view of customer's own supplied artwork and detailed instructions.
Estate Agent Supplies reserves the right to alter the price and terms of the quotation if, upon inspection of the clients supplied artwork, alterations are required.
Font sizes and type must be given + Colour codes must be supplied in RAL Codes + Bleed factor must be taken into consideration on all artwork

8. QUOTATIONS - EAS Design Service
1. Design assistance?
2. This is indeed possible if you need help?
3. However; this is charged at a £40+vat per hour (as of 11.05.21)
4. Tip - Have a very good idea on your wanted design
5. Including colours, images, content, etc
6. Thus, saving you time and 'your' money

9. QUOTATIONS - With Discounts
1. Discounts, are possible based on order sizes
2. Discounts, send us an email with all wanted products + amounts
3. We will then, respond with an email quotation
4. If you are happy to go ahead with a 'Live Order'
5. We will send you an Invoice for Bacs settlement

1. All delivery services are quoted on each individual website listing page
2. All delivery services are quoted on each individual given Bacs invoice
3. We aim to honour given postage costs and delivery dates
4. However; certain things need to be taken into account
5. Stock, availability at the point of order
6. Delivery delays, by the parcel carrier
7. Also see 'Force Majeure'

Estate Agent Supplies shall not be liable for failure to carry out any contract owing to an Act of God, War, Lock-Outs, Fire, and Weather, Breakdown of Machinery / vehicles, Industrial Action or any other cause above and beyond our control or owing to inability to produce materials or services

1. Delivery of goods are to the address supplied by the client
2. Delivery of goods is to the address, not the client name on the order
3. Delivery of goods will require a signature upon delivery
Delivery of goods that have missing components etc - Must be reported in writing and within 48hrs, failure to comply, will result in no claim being accepted, this is also the case if the goods are delivered damaged
If you detect damage, then, ALWAYS, accept the delivery of the parcel(s) but, clearly sign and add received damaged on the couriers paperwork, if unsure ask the actual courier how to do this

If you detect damage, then, ALWAYS, accept the delivery of the parcel(s) but, clearly sign and add received damaged on the couriers paperwork, if unsure ask the actual courier how to do this
Never refuse acceptance of damaged goods, as damaged goods could be damaged even more on the return by the parcel carrier
Once we gain your written damage report, we will enter a claim with the relevant parcel carrier, which may ask you a few questions
ALWAYS retain the original parcel and packaging, failure to keep these vital items, will result in a nil claim

Estate Agent Supplies cannot accept any claim for consequential loss

1. Estate Agent Supplies reserve the right to supply 'goods' similar to the goods ordered
2. This happens when stock is not available
3. But, we can supply stock like-for-like
4. Like-for-like, to complete the same purpose as original

15. POSTAGE COSTS - Standard
1. Estate Agent Supplies lists all postage costs on each listing
2. Standard postage service is to mainland England
3. Standard postage service is to mainland Wales
4. Standard also to - Lowlands of Scotland (Postcodes EH + G and all south of)
5. If outside these areas - see 16

16. POSTAGE COSTS - Additional UK Costs
1. Additional UK Postage - If outside (15) given areas, will apply
2. ALWAYS contact Estate Agent Supplies for your unique posting cost
3. Tel: 01244 470903 - Email:
Failure to contact us, will result in Estate Agent Supplies reserving the right, not to post the order until additional postage costs are paid by the client, plus, should the client request a refund, refund will be given minus any costs, that Estate Agent Supplies incurred on the original order

17. POSTAGE COSTS - Additional Worldwide Costs
1. Additional Postage, is applicable to all locations outside of the UK
2. Please contact us, with your wanted products + supply you full address
3. Tel: 01244 470903 - Email:
We will respond with your full costs, and should you wish to go ahead with a live order, we will send you an Invoice for Bacs (Bank Transfer)
Since the UK is no longer a member of the EEC, clients must also supply their own EROI Registration Number

1. No goods may be returned to Estate Agent Supplies without prior consent
WITHOUT prior consent, If the client returns the goods, at their costs, then this is done so at the client's sole risk, it's the responsibility of the client to ensure that they cover the value of the goods whilst in transit, and Estate Agent Supplies reserves the right to charge a re-stocking charge of 20%
WITH Consent, we will organise the uplift of the goods at our costs
The easiest way of letting us know of a problem is:
Tel: 01244 470903 - Email

Refunds are NOT automatic for goods that have been ordered, as per the clients order then, the client changes their mind on the order - Refunds will not be given if the goods are good working order, Repairable, Custom Made (Made to clients specifications) - In all cases Estate Agent Supplies reserve the right to repair or replace goods over refunding monies - Refund of monies, is only acceptable if the goods have been received damaged or unfit for general use but, if the goods can be replaced then, this is the first possible action that Estate Agent Supplies will take

20. REFUNDS - Delivered Stock
1. Refunds - Delivered Stock, when the goods have been delivered to the client, the client must report any concerns within 7x working days and this must be in writing (not by telephone)
2. Failure to report any concerns within 7x working days, will result in no refund
3. Our terms & conditions over rule any payment methods that you made
4. Puchasing means you have agreed to our terms and conditions


1. Delivery date, this means the date of delivery to the client
2. Return date, this means the date of return to EAS
3. The two dates equal the rental agreed period
Charges for the hire of the goods shall be payable at the daily, weekly or monthly rates specified, upon the expiry of the Rental Period - Charges shall continue to be payable until the goods are returned to EAS's premises or any other address specified by EAS - Charges for late returns, will be by a raised invoice - Charges will remain in place and charged at the relevant rates

22. RENTAL - Obligations of the Hirer
1. The Hirer hereby undertakes and agrees as follows:
To inspect the goods immediately upon delivery and to notify EAS within 48hrs of delivery, by telephone or email that the goods are either defective or otherwise not in accordance with the contract agreement. If no such notification is given the goods shall be deemed to be complete and in good order and condition, plus fit for purpose
The hirer, will use the goods in a proper manner, plus adapt their own insurance to cover the goods whilst in their care, and for the duration of the hire / rental contract agreement
The hirer, will also ensure that the goods are operated and used only by properly skilled and trained personnel, plus not to be used for any other purpose than what they have been designed and supplied for
The hirer, will not adjust or create any modifications, including apply logo's / stickers or any other material that prove to damage the goods on removal
The hirer' can contact EAS, if they enjoy the hire and want to make a purchase rather than a return but, this decision must be made during the original rental agreement time scales

23. RENTAL - Return of the goods
1. EAS is responsible for the delivery of the hired / rented goods
Hirer, is responsible for the return of the goods, the majority of orders EAS arrange the carrier bookings of the return of the goods, in this case, the hirer must agree to meet and greet the collection driver, plus pack the goods for safe transit back to EAS, also remove all old parcel documentation from the original delivery parcel
Hirer, failing to release the goods due to not being available for collection on the booked collection date, will result in a charge for a failed parcel collection, plus, additional rental days incurred for the failed collection
Hirer, collections are normally performed Monday to Friday between 12:00hrs - 17:00hrs
Finally - Sorry, weekend collections are not possible