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RODS - 1000mm

Ref: ROD1000

Price: 12.00
(Excluding VAT at 20%)

RODS - 1000mm

1. Metal Rod at 1000mm x 6mm
2. Metal Rod has 'No Male or Female Ends' - it's just a 1000mm rod!

1. The 1000mm most common usage, is connections between Floor to Ceiling Rods
2. Basically they act as cross-bars, for suspending Hook-On Acrylics
3. To connect between the floor to ceiling rods..
4. You will also require 2x connectors - Website Reb - ROD-3-Way-6mm

1. If the 1000mm Rod is not long enough...
2. Then, order a 1500mm Rod, and cut-off the 'Male End' - Website Ref - ROD1500

More details -

Postage & Transit Times:
1. Postage = £13.99 = Please also open 'More Info'
3. Transit = Expect 24hrs to 48hrs

Hook On Poster Holders - Finer Details

1. Hook On Poster Acrylics A2 are designed to hooked over a metal rod up to = 20mm
2. Hook On Poster Acrylics A5, A4, A3 are all designed to hooked over a metal rod up to = 10mm

However; A5, A4, A3 can also be supplied with 20mm top gaps - (additional cost) - call us for your unique quotation

Hook On Acrylic - Measurements:

Measurements reveal the document sizes that each acrylic will allow

1. If Portrait displays are required - (measurements are as shown)
2. If Landscape displays are required - (Reverse the given measurements)

* A2 - Acrylic designed to hold A2 Documents - 594 x 420mm
* A3 - Acrylic designed to hold A3 Documents - 420 x 297mm
* A4 - Acrylic designed to hold A4 Documents - 210 x 297mm
* A5 - Acrylic designed to hold A5 Documents - 148 x 210mm

Important - No cables or grippers are required - however; supporting bars are

Top Tip:

* Best gap for a row of acrylics - 5cm gap is always best for a professional display finish
* Need some Rods? - see website ref: ROD20

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