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Website Testimonials

Looking For Our Clients Testimonials??

As we encourage clients to leave testimonials, we also encourage them to add them to the actual product page they have purchased from, as we feel this is far better than listing them else where - we hope that you agree?

Action 1:
1. If you are viewing a listed product
2. You will find the reviews (if listed) just under the 'Add to Cart' button that appears on each page
3. It is displayed as 'Write a Review' section
4. If it has a review it will reveal the amount of reviews you can read
5. We fully understand the importance of 'Reviews'

Action 2:
1. If you witness 'No' reviews
2. We encourage you to 'Be the first to review the product'
3. Top Tip 1 - make sure you mention your own company name
4. Top Tip 2 - mentioning your company name will also give you free advertising!