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Framed Black LED Pockets - (A3)


Price: 375.00
(Excluding VAT at 20%)

BLACK LED Frames - (3x A3 Landscape Pockets)

Complete Package Order:
1. Supplied - 3x A3L Black Framed LED's
2. Supplied - 2x Floor to Ceiling Cables
3. Supplied - 1x UK Power Transformer

The LED Pockets:
1. Illuminates your Property Details
2. Framed by a 30mm Black Frame
3. Outer corners are square
4. Inner corners are round

1. (Each LED) = W510mm x H360mm
2. (Also) - Recommended Distance from glass is a minimum 300mm

1. LEDs make your business stand-out from the crowd + create a very professional effect
2. LEDs are Double-Sided, hence double-advertising in your windows!
3. LEDs run on very low energy LEDs hence, Very Low Costs
4. LEDs are very easy to fit + Easy Document Changes
5. LEDs have 60,000 hours life expectancy

Postage & Delivery:
1. (Postage) - £13.99 - see - 'More Info'
2. (Delivery) - Made-to-Order - allow 1x week

Additional Items:
1. Back-Lit Paper or Film - Also offered - see "Related Products"

UK Postage: -
1. Covers the following areas only:
2. Mainland England
3. Mainland Wales
4. Lowlands of Scotland (EH + G Postcode and south of)
5. IF Outside these given areas - Additional Postage Charges Apply - Tel: 01244 470905
6. Any order received outside the given areas, will not be sent

Bacs Payment? -
Action 1 - If you would prefer to pay by Bacs - Tel: 01244 470905
Action 2 - Tell us, website number + amounts + full address
Action 3 - We will then, forward an invoice for rapid Bacs payment

Adding Additional Drops? -
1. If you plan to add additional drops in your window
2. Always leave a minimum recommended gap of 150mm between each drop
3. This 150mm gap looks very pleasing on the eye
4. This 150mm gap is vital to allow you to change the documents on the window facing LED Pockets

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