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Projectors - (x10)


Estate Agents are always on the look out for a New, Powerful & Successful Ways to advertise, adding a projector allows the end-user to beam a 'Huge' Pictures + Videos onto their Wall - Just have a look at this example:

Example of usage:
Imagine - you are the client, now imagine if you could witness 'Huge' images of the Property, House, Flat, they could be Frontal and Rear Aspects. Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Garden, Garage, even - Energy Graphs, Broadband and Mobile coverage, even Walk Through Video's + When static just add your Corporate Logo or Local Street Map Coverage Area!

Projector Types:
We have listed 6x 'Projectors' that hit the spot + 1x Universal 'Ceiling & Wall Bracket'