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Kit - A4L x 12

Ref: Kit-A4Lx12

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Kit - A4L x 12

1. Adding Power Tracks, avoids excessive cables + transformers
2. Thus, 1x transformer, powers up all of this display!

Step 1 - Supplied:
Supplied = 12x A4 Landscape LED's

Supplied = 3x Electric Power Rail @ 1000mm
Supplied = 2x Electric Rail Joiner Connector
Supplied = 2x Electric Rail Power Connector
Supplied = 2x Electric Rail Power Cable
Supplied = 8x Electric Suspension Cables
Supplied = 2x Transformer @ 120W
Supplied = 12x A4 Landscape LED's

Step 2 - Simple Fitting:
1. Install 2x Electric Power Rails + 1x Rail Joiner
2. Now Install 4x cables onto each rail system
3. Now suspend the LED's
4. Now install 1x 120W Transformer
5. Repeat the process for next rail system
6. Now trim the remaining loose bottom cables
7. Think protection, add a surge protector
8. Finally - turn on the 'Transformer'

Step 3 - 120W Transformer:
1. Max Wattage required for all the supplied LED's = 60W
2. Each A3L demands 8w (12x 8w = 80w)
3. This why a 120W Transformer is supplied per system

Step 4 - By The Way:
1. We supply 3x 1000 Rails
2. Each system (2) - requires 1124mm
3. You will utilise 2x 1000mm and cut the other rail to create the 1124mm
4. Cutting the rail is a simple, standard hacksaw

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