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A1 Wall Map - A1 (Landscape)

Ref: MapsA1L

Price: 320.00
(Excluding VAT at 20%)

MAP Light Box - A1 Landscape

1. Illuminated Light Box Wall Maps are extremely bright and feature an attractive glowing bevelled edge
2. This will set your office apart from your competitors, not only is it extremely useful...
3. Perfect solution provider for dark areas within your offices

Supplied = 1x A1 Landscape LED
Supplied = 6x Stand-off (Wall Connectors)
Supplied = 1x UK Power Transformer

Finer Details:
1. Measurements = (Overall) = L926mm x H679mm at 30kg
2. Postage Costs = (Due to Weight & Size) £25 - read 'More Info'
3. Transit Times - Sorry - Item is made to order hence allow 10x working days (approx)
4. Fitting = Please read 'More Info' page

Map Postcode location selector =

Video Guidance = video

Need a map?
1. We can supply a "Street" or "District" Map as well - see "Related Products"
Easy Assembly:

1. Wall Attachment
2. We would advice that two (2) people are used
3. Decide where the Illuminated map wants to go
4. Hold to wall and level (spirit level) then, mark the wall using the 4x holes
5. Remove acrylic, attach the wall standoff (rears) drill, raw plug and attach stand-off's
6. Add acrylic and secure stand-off's (fronts) - *Power up - that's it
7. Graphic Attachment
8. Remove frontal acrylic = Add Map or even your unique 'Property of the week'
9. Replace frontal graphic = Just to add, some models are supplied with magnetised strips, thus avoidance of frontal acrylic removal

*Power Up
1. This can be by simply plugging in the power connector to your wall socket - or
2. The best finish is a rear cable through the wall plus this avoids any unsightly cable - this is your choice

UK Postage costs:
1. Postage costs are supplied below based on an A0, A1, A2 and A3 Order on the description page
2. Postage costs supplied are to the following areas:
3. England, Wales and Lowlands of Scotland (G + EH postcodes and south of Scotland)
4. Other UK areas - please call 0845 1080047 for unique costs

Worldwide Postage costs:
1. Product can be shipped to the majority of worldwide locations
2. If outside UK - Email
3. We will require, full delivery address, order option, amount required
4. Once we receive your email, we will reply with a unique ordering link
5. Unique ordering link will list costs for products + postage costs
6. All you will need to do is create the order - it's that easy

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