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Hook-On Window Displays (A5 Landscape)


Price: 100.00
(Excluding VAT at 20%)

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A5 Landscape Hook-On Displays (6x Across x 3x Down Wall Displays)

1. Supplied = 3x Order Options - 6, 12, 18x Pockets
2. Supplied = All A5L Hook-On Pockets + Ceiling to Floor Cables + Cross Bars

Very simply, as a window display, the Hook-On Acrylics do exactly what they are named for, you hook them over the supplied 6mm Horizontal Rods, which are secured onto floor to ceiling cables, with rods acting as crossbars. They are designed to be removed by a quick lift-up action, thus changing property details takes seconds + They are double-sided!

Option 1: Hook-On Displays - 3x Rows (2 Across x 3 Down = 6x Pockets) = £100
(Included - 6x Pockets + 6x 500mm Rods + 12x Rod Supports + 2x 4M Cables)

Option 2: Hook-On Displays - 3x Rows (4 Across x 3 Down = 12x Pockets) = £180
(Included - 12x Pockets + 6x 1000mm Rods + 18x Rod Supports + 3x 4M Cables)

Option 3: Hook-On Displays - 3x Rows (6 Across x 3 Down = 18x Pockets) = £250
(Included - 18x Pockets + 6x 1500mm Rods + 24x Rod Supports + 4x 4M Cables)


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