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Version 5 - (2x A3L)

Ref: Claralight-2xA3

Price: 1,100.00
(Excluding VAT at 20%)

Freestranding LED - 2xA3

40% Power Savings:
Each A3 panel uses 8x Watts of power (2x8W = 16 Watts)
Claralight LED's use 40% less power than standard LED Light Pockets
They are powered by state-of-the-art 24v LEDs, running cooler than standard 2v LEDs
All resulting in = 'Less Running Costs' + 'Less Energy Usage'

Overall Width W521mm
Overall Height H1059mm
Overall Angle 30°

The Claralight™ LED display is our most...
'Innovative & Most Sustainable' - 'Contemporary Tablet Styling' - Freestanding Display'
LED Panels simply slot into the sturdy frame, held by magnetised connectors
LED Display is powered by a single transformer (hidden in the base)

Environment Friendly:
LED's are 40% Energy Savings, compared to standard displays
LED's are manufactured using recycled material.
The Frame & Back Panel are at least 80% recycled content.
UK Made - further reducing the carbon footprint of manufacturing. 
If environment is in mind, this is your best purchase decision!

1. Supplied as a flat-pack-easy-to-assemble (takes minutes to assemble)
2. No specialist installation required - Once assembled, simple-plug-and-play
3. Mind you, it would be a good to invest in a 'Surge Protector' for extra-peace-of-mind

Finer Details =

UK Postage: -
1. Covers the following areas only:
2. Mainland England
3. Mainland Wales
4. Lowlands of Scotland (EH + G Postcode and south of)
5. IF Outside these given areas - Additional Postage Charges Apply - Tel: 01244 470905
6. Any order received outside the given areas, will not be sent

Bacs Payment? -
Action 1 - If you would prefer to pay by Bacs - Tel: 01244 470905
Action 2 - Tell us, website number + amounts + full address
Action 3 - We will then, forward an invoice for rapid Bacs payment

Adding Additional Drops? -
1. If you plan to add additional drops in your window
2. Always leave a minimum recommended gap of 150mm between each drop
3. This 150mm gap looks very pleasing on the eye
4. This 150mm gap is vital to allow you to change the documents on the window facing LED Pockets

Back-Lit Paper + Film: -
1. Back-Lit Film + Back-Lit Paper is highly recommended
2. We offer 4x versions:
3. Back-Lit Paper-120gsm + 135gsm + Film (Matt-on-Matt) + Film (Gloss-on-Matt)
4. Please open our 'Website Home Page' - listed under =
5. Back-Lit Paper For Light Panels

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