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Ceiling to Floor - Cable Kit 1


Price: 16.00
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Ceiling to Floor - Cable Kit 1
Top and Bottom fittings and 4m of cable, spring-loaded tensioner keeps cable taut and looking its best at all times, Cable is made of galvanised 1.5mm steel and bottom section has a unique braking system so all that is required is to cut the cable to the desired length and simply push your end cable into bottom section


Option 1: Window - Floor-Ceiling Cable Kit x 1 unit = £16
Option 2: Window - Floor-Ceiling Cable Kit x 6 units (Eqv to £14 each) = £84
Option 3: Window - Floor-Ceiling Cable Kit x 12 units (Eqv to £12 each) = £144

1. Postage is £13.99
2. Please read 'More Info Page' before ordering

Estate Agent Wall Displays - Consultation
We fully understand that each Estate Agent have their own unique Wall measurements as no building is identical
To help solve this concern, follow these simple steps:

1. With this in mind UK Exhibition offer a "Free" cost calculation service:
2. Send an email to
3. Tell us the wall(s) lengths and widths and of course the number of walls required
4. Tell us if you want A4 Portrait or Landscape finishes
5. Tell us when you must have the products by
6. We will reply by email or direct call with your full's that simple
7. By the way, on average we supply a minimum of 24 quotations per week and all for FREE

Want to calculate your self?
Let's assume you are creating a display on your wall
Let's assume you require a maximum amount of A4 Portrait or Landscape acrylics.

1. Gather some A4 sheet paper and some blue tack
2. Go to your wall or outside your window
3. Attach each A4 paper to your wall and leave a gap of roughly 5cms between each sheet of paper
4. If portrait then, turn paper to portrait
5. If landscape then, turn paper to landscape
6. Then add a further row until wall is full
6. This exercise will reveal what the viewing public will be looking at when assembled
7. If we do not list the wanted package then, call 0845 1080047 for a chat

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