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UNIQUE - Spotless - (Completed)

Ref: UNIQUE - Spotless

Price: 1,140.00
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Status = Closed - Client Fully Paid


Listing is for the supply of additional Items

STOCK = 4x Sets of Window Displays 16x A4 Acrylics
Includes = 64x A4 Acrylics + 20x Cables + 64x Single Grippers + 96x Double Grippers

STOCK = 2x Sets of Wall Displays 12x A4 Acrylics
Includes = 24x A4 Acrylics + 8 x Cables + 32x Single Grippers + 32x Double Grippers

1. Individual Website Order costs = £1,323.94 (Hardware + Postage)
2. Discount given = £183.94 + Free Delivery
3. Costs with discount and free postage = £1,140+vat

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Assembly of Product:
1. Decide where the first row will be situated
2. Decide where the first wall connector is to be added
3. Secure wall connector using a drill and raw plug / screw
4. Measure the distance between Rod and next wall connector
5. Repeat step 3
6. Place wall connector over the wall screws
7. Place rod onto connector and secure
8. Add A4 Acrylics
9. Repeat the whole process for each additional supplied row