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Totem - Single-Sided - 3x A4P Panels


Price: 550.00
(Excluding VAT at 20%)

Totem - Single-Sided - 3x A4P Panel

A Unique Stylish Display Designed to give your "Window Presentation a Quality Look" This display has adjustable pockets + Base is Included However; Can be Sill Mounted without using the supplied Base

1. Totem System = Base + Pole + Bracket + 3x A4 LED Portrait Panels
2. Top & Mid LEDs are forward facing + Bottom LED is angled for easier viewing!
3. Standard Brush Stainless Steel Base & Post

1. 3x A4 Portrait LED Panels - designed for adding your A4 Property Details
2. Documents can be changed in seconds, simple magnetic front cover
3. LED Power Cable is hidden with the Post
4. LED Transformer is hidden in the Base
5. UK Pin socket cable leads from display to power supply!

1. (Overall) = H1639mm x W400mm x D429mm (including the 6x A4 Panels)
2. (Document) = H297mm x W210mm (Standard A4 Portrait Document)

1. Hand-Delivered (due to nature of the goods) = £50 - - 'More Info'
2. Stock Status = Made to order, please allow 2 weeks!
3. Bulk Ordering Client - Always call us for discounts - Tel: 01244 470903

Bespoken Orders:
1. Can also be supplied in a wide-range of configurations / pocket / Panel types
2. Please ensure you open and read the supplied PDF file

Finer Details =


Popular Question 1 - What are the sizes of the bases?

Dibond Bases:
1. All Dibond bases are the same at 750mm
2. All Dibond Bases are also the length of the acrylic

Pedestal Bases:
1. All pedestal Bases are the same = D300mm


Popular Question 2 - Can the Legs be smaller?

1. Standard is as listed on the 'Description Page'
2. However; we can supply smaller legs, upon request, call us for a chat


Popular Question 3 - How are the Poster Acrylics attached?

1. Each Individual acrylic has a rear stump
2. Once you have added your poster / image (simple slide in action)
3. Individual acrylic simply slots into the hole on the main acrylic
4. Thus allowing quick changes and rotation as and when required


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