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LED Displays - Two Version

Introducing our LED 'Two Version Displays"

1. Reinvents elegance in all its simplicity - Mixing and matching your displays
2. Reinvents Suspended Landscape LEDs + Portrait LEDs on the Same Column!

How is this possible?
1. Instead of cables being secured on the edges of the LEDs, the VM Two Displays are suspended in the Central area
2. This allows LEDs to be added in either Portrait or Landscape or even a mixture of both
3. It also allows you to turn the LED if you want say A4 Portrait to be A4 Landcape!
4. This is possible by having key-hole connectors on all 4x sides of the LED!

5. Once the supplied Ceiling Rail + Cables have been fitted, just suspended LEDs
6. Supplied is a 150w transformer - thus, a huge amount of LEDs can be added
7. Duel-Faced Illumination + High Luminosity + Bevelled Edges
7. Can be used in either Landscape or Portrait i.e. they can be rotated!