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Cubes - Cables & Lights

Ref: CUBE2

Price: 30.00
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Cube Lights & Cube Suspended Cables

Option 1 = Cube Suspended Cables = £30
Each suspended cube drop will require 4x ceiling to floor cables, these are attached 2x cables to each side of the cube(s) + All Cables are supplied in 4M lengths, this gives you plenty of cable to make finer adjustments to your planned window area

Option 2 = Cube Lights = £60
Designed to be attached to suspended cables and with Acrylic Cubes, Draw even more attention to your displayed products within your cubes + Supplied to fit our listed acrylic cubes, just connect to your cables and power up - max lights per drop is 3x lights - why is this? - the supplied UK Power transformer can power 1, 2 or 3 x lights max!

If you are planning to add several cubes, please ensure you open 'Cube Kits' as we have also listed complete orders to help simplify your order process

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1. Postage = £13.99 - Please open and read 'More Info'
2. Transit Times = Made to each unique order so, please allow 5 working days

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*Cubes - Single Orders - (not supplied with this order - If wanted - see 'Related Products
**Cubes - Complete Sets - (not supplied with this order - If wanted - see 'Related Products

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