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60W (Rod Kit)


Price: 90.00
(Excluding VAT at 20%)

60w Transformer (Cable Kit)

1x 60w Transformer + Cable Power Connectors
4x 1500mm Rods Cables and Connectors

Details:- Transformers
1. Transformer supplied is a 60w version
2. Transformer can power up LED Panels for Wall & Window Displays
3. Transformers have One Year Guarantee + Certification: CE, UL, GS

Details:- Cables
1. Rods are 1500mm each but, joined to create 3000mm lengths
2. Hence - 2x 3000mm rods on either side of your LED Panels
2. Rods are only 6mm thickness - just cut to desired wanted length

Details:- Transformer Capacity:
1. Let's assume you are powering up 4x A3 Landscape LED Panels
2. A3 Landscape Panels require 8w (per unit) 4x 8w = 32w
3. Hence 32w required but, 60w transformer used
4. This allows 28w spare to overcome unwanted power surge etc
5. The main focus is always over compensate on the wanted end-demand

Postage & Transit Times:
Postage Costs = £13.99 - open 'More Info' page
Transit Time = 2 to 3 working days

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2. Mainland England + Wales + *Lowlands of Scotland
3. *Glasgow + Edinburgh postcodes and all south of

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Bulk Ordering Clients:
1. If you are a 'Bulk Ordering Client'
2. Orders in excess of 3+
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Bacs / Bank Payment:
1. If you prefer to create a Bacs payment (Bank Transfer), not a problem
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